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E-Cig Cavern Exclusively Release The New 510-X E-Cigarette

E-Cig Cavern has added to their already impressive range of e-cigarettes with a stylish new design. The 510-X is a sleek, brushed steel e-cig with golden accents and a beautiful Zircon Crystal tip. The compact piece is simple to use, exclusively available and manufactured to the highest of standards.

E-Cig Cavern focuses on innovation and customer feedback when designing and this modern look is at the forefront of e-cigarette design. The 510-X delivers a great vapour hit and flavour sensation through the use of a brand new Refillable Clearomiser design which features a burn-proof, 4.2v mini-wick atomiser.

The 510-X’s Zircon Crystal tip lights up in seven interchanging colours on the unique and stylish Electronic Cigarette. This cool E-Cigarette cycles through Red, Purple, Cyan, White, Yellow, Blue and Green each time you take a puff on the 510-X. The colour changes not only in the Zircon Crystal tip but also in the ring light alerting users to when the E-Cig is activated.

For ease of use the Refillable Clearomiser simply twists open and can be filled upside down. The crystal clear tank also allows for a clear visual of how much E-Liquid is left in the tank. What's more, the specially designed atomiser vapes at 4.2 volts, the special wick design means no gargling or no pulling liquid through the mouthpiece. Users can enjoy the smooth sensation with no burnt taste as it produces greater vapour volume and better flavour.


The 510-X extends E-Cig Cavern’s exclusive range of pioneering E-Cig products joining the ranks alongside the popular iGo 4 with its Wireless Touch Charger and the i3 with its sleek black and gold design and magnetic charger. E-Cig Cavern also has a wide range of delicious E-Liquids in a variety of flavours to complement the e-cig.

The designers believe the sleek design will put traditional cigarettes in the history books and encourage smokers to make the change to e-cigarettes. The starter kit comes in a gift box and makes for a stylish gift for anyone trying to give up smoking. The kit also includes an adaptor, battery and a USB charger.

With this latest product announcement, E-Cig Cavern continues to push innovation in the UK E-Cigarette market place and provide the products and functionality that E-Cigarette consumers demand.



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