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Posted by in E-Cigarettes on Jun 30, 2013 .

E-Cig Cavern Exclusively Release The New 510-X E-Cigarette

E-Cig Cavern has added to their already impressive range of e-cigarettes with a stylish new design. The 510-X is a sleek, brushed steel e-cig with golden accents and a beautiful Zircon Crystal tip. The compact piece is simple to use, exclusively available and manufactured to the highest of standards.

E-Cig Cavern focuses on innovation and customer feedback when designing and this modern look is at the forefront of e-cigarette design. The 510-X delivers a great vapour hit and flavour sensation through the use of a brand new Refillable Clearomiser design which...

The new 510-X E-Cigarette from E-Cig Cavern is a sleek, brushed aluminum e-cig with golden features and a diamonte tip which changes colour with each draw. The 510-X not only features great design, but also delivers a great hit and flavour sensation through the use a brand new Refillible-Clearomiser design which features a burn-proof, 4.2v mini-wick atomiser. 

E-Cig Cavern has taken a stance in supporting the MHRA’s decision to regulate all nicotine-containing products (NCP’s). The brand strongly supports the desire for greater controls on the production and sale of Electronic Cigarettes and believes that these changes are a step in the right direction. Many have called for something to be done since the market became flooded with unregulated E-Cig companies. E-Cig Cavern has appealed to supporters because these companies are selling unknown E-Liquids manufactured in factories where health and safety standards are severely lacking. Controversy has long surrounded the debate and continues...

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